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We will give you as a business owner the keys to increasing your revenue and profit instantly by attending this one day event.  The New Flat Rate has revolutionized the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries with the #1 menu pricing system.  This system is pouring $4 million dollars of additional revenue into your industry every week.

Seminar Speakers

Matt Koop / VP at TNFR / Training & Implementation

Matt Koop is the Vice President of Training and Implementation at The New Flat Rate. Starting out as an apprentice at the age of 15, Matt has almost two decades of experience in the service industry.  Recognized as the “Top 40, Under 40” in HVAC The News in 2015, Matt has proven to be a propeller in moving the industry forward. As consumer culture was changing due to the advent of online shopping and mega retail stores discounted pricing, the old methods for selling services in the home weren’t working. Matt developed a strategic process from taking the customers call to closing. He is in trucks with technicians doing ride-a-longs 26 weeks of the year across the U.S. and Canada. Matt is an expert in geographical specific training and is now one of the most highly respected technician coaches in the nation. He’s even been named, “The Customer Whisperer”. The average close rate in the country for service technicians is 68% and Matt coach’s technicians to a 100% close rate. 

Rodney Koop / Founder of The New Flat Rate

Rodney Koop - CEO and Founder of The New Flat Rate, is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and solutions based enthusiast. Over the last three decades, Koop has founded and sold HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing service companies. Koop is a Master Electrician holding 10 unrestricted electrical licenses and has helped to write and qualify exam questions for state board testing. During his career, Koop has contributed numerous articles and industry assessments to multiple publications and recently authored his first book. Koop is dedicated to challenging all audiences to utilize their brains in creative ways for growing their companies. Working from a place of strength is Koop’s motto, where he believes success and advancement can be achieved with the right tools in our expertise. When he’s not advancing his company forward, Koop can be found on the trails riding one of his four-wheelers or traveling around the world with his wife Karen.

"How could I not go with a company that has a money back guarantee! Becoming a member of The New Flat Rate is the best business decision we’ve made in 25 years! All the pressure of pricing went away. We virtually get no more complaints from customers saying, “You charged me too much!” Allowing the customer to choose has allowed them to spend what they have…$200 or $2000. My initial investment was paid for within the first 90 days of using the system. My guys can now focus on fixing the problem not selling an item."

Tom Lawson
Advanced AC & Heating

"I was concerned about the initial investment for the program, but I flew down by myself training and was very impressed and confident that this would work for my company! I rode with one of my technicians to train him on an estimate and we presented The New Flat Rate pricing system. Our very first job sold was a Platinum! I now have invested and have sent all of my full time employees to TNFR training. This investment has been so worth it!"

Sue Pellas
Heating & Cooling Services

"TNFR has increased our profits by simplifying the process for our technicians to be able to just present the options to the customers and asking them “what should we do”?There is no pressure of selling and the customer gets to choose what they want! In the past, we noticed our technicians many times prejudging what they thought the customer could afford. Since using The New Flat Rate, they have been very surprised to see many customers choose the higher priced jobs! My company has used several flat rate programs in the past that were not user friendly or able to update prices. Also we left a lot of money on the table just because all the repairs that done were not charged for. "

Sue Pellas
Heating & Cooling Services

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